Contribution by a public or private organisation

A public or private organisation whose contribution demonstrates a commitment to cultural heritage and/or heritage-related work, services or programs in Western Australia.

City of Belmont

The City of Belmont is a welcoming community with a long and proud history. The city recently opened a new multi-million-dollar state- of-the-art interactive museum within Belmont Hub, featuring climate controlled exhibition spaces, storage areas and conservation laboratory, local studies room, and a dedicated quarantine space for incoming donations. The interior of the new building notes the city’s historical connection to industry through the use of exposed concrete. The Belmont Museum – a core part of the development – offers a rich, immersive experience into the cultural heritage of Belmont, both Aboriginal and European.

City of Rockingham

The City of Rockingham is home to a welcoming and inclusive community that understands, protects, sustains and celebrates its unique heritage and stunning environment. The city is renowned for its natural beauty and world-class coastal and marine environment. The city's Heritage Strategy 2020-2025 guides how it approaches heritage and prioritises heritage projects. The city allocates funds for an external City Heritage Advisor each year to provide specialist heritage advice on Conservation Management Plans, Heritage Impact Statements, and Policy and Heritage Reference Group attendance. City Community Grant funding is also allocated towards heritage projects and not-for-profit groups involved in heritage.

Page last reviewed 20 October 2021
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