Conservation or adaptive reuse of a State Registered Place

This category recognises conservation or adaptation of a place entered in the State Register of Heritage Places.

Joint winner: Armadale District Hall

The conservation of the historic Armadale District Hall in the civic centre of Armadale was a successful undertaking which was spurred by strong support from the community and a local government in touch with their constituents. The sensitive conservation and detailed restoration were the culmination of investigations, research and a commitment to the Burra Charter principles which guided the works. The result is the retention of the Inter-War Art Deco inspired building which contrasts beautifully with the new contemporary multi-purpose hall accessed by a glazed passageway.

Heritage and design architect: Hocking Heritage & Architecture 

Joint winner: Aquinas College Chapel

Opened in 1966, the Aquinas College Chapel is a significant landmark within the campus, it is a visual reference point and is integral to the vibrant life of the school; be it in its capacity as a place of worship and reflection and providing multiple uses by the community as a music and events space.

Adaptive-use development and conservation works were undertaken in 2018-2019. The developed design maintained the aesthetic values of the place, and the historic and social values of the place have been enhanced.

Design architect and project manager: Dr John Taylor, Principal, John Taylor Architect 

Commendation: Ellensbrook at Mokidup

Set within the stunning coastal landscape of the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park 'Ellensbrook at Mokidup' is a place that embodies the history of the south west of Western Australia. In 2019, the National Trust of Western Australia completed a major two-year project to conserve and re-interpret this significant heritage place for the benefit of the community. 

Guided by a conservation plan, the project team undertook archaeological investigations, conservation and landscape works, four traditional trade skills workshops, and moving of the waterwheel to its original location. Ellensbrook was conserved with awareness of its fragility, and with a focus on community heritage skills training.

Project owner: National Trust of Western Australia 

Commendation: The Royal Hotel 

The Raine Square redevelopment reintroduced buildings of paramount heritage significance to the Perth public.

The newly opened Royal Hotel tavern has embraced and celebrated the story and heritage of the building through all aspects of the fit-out and decoration. This will be of lasting benefit for the community, as the wider public will be able to occupy and experience the building; in particular the first-floor verandah, which has been successfully reactivated. This is a tremendous outcome in a prime location of the city that showcases the heritage building & its reminiscent activity of when it was first built.

Project owner: Charter Hall

Commendation: Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Quarters

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Precinct redevelopment project was final phase in the Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouses Master Plan. The project converted the original, dilapidated Lighthouse Keepers' Cottage into a fully restored appealing building, which now houses a modern, interactive and immersive museum installation providing a historical interpretation of the precinct. Lighthouse Keepers' Cottage Two (1896) was in poor condition internally and externally. Considerable interior and exterior restoration works were undertaken whilst retaining the historic fabric of the building.

Project lead: Mark Delane, Asset and Environment Manager, Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

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