Contribution by a community-based organisation

A community-based or non-profit organisation whose contribution demonstrates a commitment to cultural heritage and/or heritage-related work, services or programs in Western Australia.

Bus Preservation Society of Western Australia

The Bus Preservation Society of Western Australia (BPSWA), based in Whiteman Park, is a self-funded community organisation dedicated to the conservation and promotion of WA’s motor bus public transport heritage. The organisation has a collection of more than 35 historic buses and a comprehensive bus related archive and artefact collection. The group’s mission is to operate a nationally recognised working collection of buses for the enjoyment and benefit of the public.

Goldfields Aboriginal Languages Centre

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre (GALC) is a non-government organisation, auspiced by the National Trust of Western Australia.The organisation’s mission is to promote the Aboriginal history of the Goldfields region and preserve first languages. The history, folklore, food and hunting practices, medicine and healing, and identity of a people is stored within its language. Staff at the language centre work alongside Aboriginal communities to document and preserve languages such as Pitjantjatjarra, Ngadju, Mirniny and Tjupan, with the aim of restoring language, identity and culture.

Friends of Anzac Cottage Inc.

Located at 38 Kalgoorlie Street in Mount Hawthorn, Anzac Cottage was the first memorial to the Great War to be constructed in Western Australia and the second in Australia. Built in 1916 by the community in one day, Anzac Cottage has been faithfully restored to its original appearance both inside and out. The Friends of Anzac Cottage Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation dedicated to ensuring that the Anzac Cottage story continues to be told and that the cottage is accessible to the community.

Friends of Donnelly Village Inc.

The Friends of Donnelly Village came together as a group in 2012 and was formally incorporated as a not for profit organisation in February 2014. The objective of the group is to collect and preserve the history, natural industrial and social fabric of Donnelly Village, including Wheatley Village and Forest Settlement, Donnelly Mill and Donnelly River Village. The friends develop interactive trails, displays and events for locals and visitors to the region.

Lock Hospital Working Group

The Lock Hospital Working Group (made up of representatives from the Shire of Carnarvon, researchers, community members and direct descendants) has been working for five years to tell the story of the Lock Hospitals that were established on Bernier and Dorre Islands, off the Carnarvon coast. These hospitals operated between 1908 and 1919 and almost 200 Aboriginal prisoner patients died during that time.

The group’s major achievement has been as a platform for those who still experience the trauma of this history to connect, share their story and start the healing process. 

Sisters of Saint John of God Heritage Centre

The Sisters of Saint John of God (SSJG) Heritage Centre Broome is a place for the sharing of social history related to the Sisters of St John of God and the people of the Kimberley. The Kimberley Sisters began their mission in 1907 when Broome was the centre of the Australian pearling industry.

The Heritage Centre collects and preserves photographs, documents, artefacts and audio-visual material and makes these records available to the public.

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