Swan Valley Planning Act 2020

The Swan Valley Planning Act 2020 will streamline planning processes to maintain the Swan Valley's distinctive rural character while enabling appropriate development.

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    The Swan Valley Planning Act 2020 will replace the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995. The new Act received Royal Assent and Part 1 took effect on 9 December 2020. The remainder of the Act will become operational shortly. Enabling regulations are being prepared. 

    The Act will establish a new planning scheme to provide clear planning guidance and outline appropriate scales of tourism and development.

    The Act provides for a:

    • new bespoke planning scheme to replace the existing dual scheme system – the City of Swan Local Planning Scheme No. 17 and the Metropolitan Region Scheme. 
    • new Swan Valley Statutory Planning Committee as a statutory body to provide oversight for all planning and development.
    • Swan Valley Strategic Leadership Group to provide an advisory role to Government across a broad range of matters including tourism, environment and planning.

    View the Swan Valley Planning Bill 2020


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