Swan Valley Planning Act 1995 and interim planning policy

Current frameworks for planning and development of the Swan Valley.

The Swan Valley has considerable historical and cultural value as a viticultural, agricultural and tourism region.

Investment over several decades has seen it emerge as a region of state significance that attracts more than 600,000 visitors a year and contributes over $200 million annually to the Western Australian economy.

The State Government recognises the unique attributes of the Swan Valley and is committed to ensuring the area is protected from competing and incompatible land uses.

To achieve this, delivery of an Action Plan is underway to strengthen the current legislative and governance framework and develop new planning instruments that will streamline future land use and development in the region.

Swan Valley Planning Act 1995

The purpose of the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995 is to:

  • Establish a committee to advise on land use planning in the Swan Valley
  • prescribe planning and development objectives for the Valley.

The Swan Valley Planning Act 1995 will be repealed shortly by the Swan Valley Planning Act 2020.

View the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995


Swan Valley Interim Planning Policy

In July 2014, the Swan Valley Planning Committee endorsed the Swan Valley Interim Planning Policy. The policy was prepared to assist decision making authorities to provide consistent advice on land use and planning matters within the Swan Valley Planning Act area. The policy will remain in place until the new governance and regulatory framework is finalised and endorsed by Government.

Page last reviewed 25 June 2021
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