PRS Minor amendment 042/57 - Lot 1 Napier Road, Oakley – Reconfiguration Of Industrial Zone

The Minister for Planning has approved amendment 042/57 to the Peel Region Scheme (Lot 1 Napier Road Oakley – Reconfiguration of Industrial Zone). 

Notice of approved amendment

This amendment is shown on Western Australian Planning Commission Plan 3.2688.

The purpose of this amendment is to reconfigure the Industrial zone within Lot 1 Napier Road.  The proposed amendment:

  • rezones 22.3 hectares on the eastern side of the existing Industrial zone to Rural
  • rezones an equal amount of land on the western edge of the existing Industrial zone from Rural to Industrial.

The amendment repositions the footprint of the Industrial zone but the amount of land within the zone has not changed.

Giving Statutory Effect to These Amendments

The amendment to the Peel Region Scheme takes effect from Friday 25 August 2017, this being the date of publication in the Government Gazette.

Page last reviewed 20 December 2018
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