Archived MRS amendments

MRS amendments from the past two years can be viewed online. Archived MRS amendments can be found below.

Archived MRS minor amendments
Amendment no.Amendment nameDate finalised
1293/57Shenton Park Hospital RedevelopmentJan-17
1300/57Maddington-Kenwick Strategic Employment Area - Welshpool Road Industrial Precinct14-Oct-16
1301/57Maddington-Kenwick Strategic Employment Area - Precinct 214-Oct-16
1302/57Maddington-Kenwick Strategic Employment Area - Precincts 3A and 3B14-Oct-16
1290/57Anstey, Armadale and Keane Roads, Forrestdale Precinct20-Sep-16
1275/57Central Districts Omnibus 48-Jul-16
1287/57Lake Road, Champion Lakes17-Jun-16
1289/57Lot 821 Armadale Road, Banjup and Surrounds20-May-16
1304/57Lots 28 & 29 Belgrade Road and Lots 10 & 11 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo20-May-16
1286/57Western Power Omnibus 129-Apr-16
1303/57Ascot Kilns Precinct Redevelopment15-Apr-16
1278/57Rockingham Strategic Regional Centre16-Feb-16
1283/57Holmes Street Reservation, Southern River16-Feb-16
1284/57Lots 5000 and 5001 Pipidinny Road, Eglinton12-Feb-16
1288/57Lots 986 and 993 Baldivis Road, Baldivis12-Feb-16
1282/57Forrestfield-High Wycombe Precinct 39-Feb-16
1267/57Rationalisation of Pt Lots 40 and 41 River Avenue, Maddington23-Oct-15
1276/57Caporn Street, Sinagra7-Aug-15
1266/57Rosehill Golf Course Development16-Jun-15
1263/57Lots 89-95 & 100 Dundebar Road and Lot 88 Garden Park Drive, Wanneroo26-May-15
1274/57Balannup/Skeet Road Precinct, Harrisdale27-Feb-15
1251/57HEASP Precinct 2A and 2B - Helena River Precinct9-Dec-14
1252/57HEASP Precinct 3A and 3B - HEA Buffer Area9-Dec-14
1253/57HEASP Precinct 4 - Hazelmere Interface9-Dec-14
1254/57HEASP Precinct 7 - HEA South9-Dec-14
1255/57HEASP Precinct 8 - HEA South Buffer9-Dec-14
1256/57HEASP Precinct 9A - Bushmead9-Dec-14
1227/57Southern River Road Reservation and Garden Street Realignment26-Sep-14
1188/57Wellard Urban Precinct (East)25-Jul-14
1236/57Bush Forever Area Definition Clause Insertion and Removal of Clause 16 (1a)(A) for New Similar Clause Insertion 16 (1a)(A) & (Ba)20-Jun-14
1222/41Perth-Darwin National Highway4-Apr-14
1248/57Yanchep City Centre Structure Plan Area14-Mar-14
1247/57Part Lot 1 Alexander Drive, Mirrabooka and Surrounds29-Nov-13
1244/57North West Districts Omnibus 81-Oct-13
1245/57Lot 9014 Skeet Road, Harrisdale1-Oct-13
1249/27Portion of Lots Bounded by Pike, Eighty and Mandurah Roads, Baldivis14-Jun-13
1226/57Freshwater Bay Parks and Recreation Reservation Boundary Rationalisation28-May-13
1235/57Wattle Grove Urban Precinct17-May-13
1241/57Murdoch Mixed-Use Precinct14-May-13
1192/57Northern Suburbs Railway and Romeo Road Realignment5-Mar-13
1232/57Lots 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 412 Railway Road and Pt Railway Road, Subiaco29-Jan-13
1231/57Mills Road West and Tonkin Highway Rationalisation30-Nov-12
1220/57Clause 42 of the Metropolitan Region Scheme1-Jun-12
1213/57Eastern Districts Omnibus 811-May-12
1233/27Portion of Caversham Urban Precinct17-Apr-12
1234/27Lot 100 Wright Rd, Lots 101-104, 106-112, 124, 500, 501 Shepherd Court, Harrisdale17-Apr-12
1216/57Wangara Industrial Precinct30-Mar-12
1217/57Beehive Montessori School Rationalisation23-Mar-12
Archived MRS major amendments
Amendment no.Amendment nameDate finalised
1210/41Rationalisation Of Stirling Highway ReservationApr-16
1271/41Lot 59 Wilkins Road, KalamundaSep-14
1228/41Bellevue Urban Precinct and Environs22-Apr-15
1239/41Gidgegannup Urban Precinct3-Dec-14
1240/41South Forrestdale Business Park10-Sep-14
1242/41Lot 911 Midland Road, Hazelmere11-Sep-14
1225/41Upper Swan Urban Precinct20-Feb-14
1218/41Keralup Stage 130-Nov-12
1221/41Banjup Urban Precinct30-Nov-12
1215/41Cardup Industrial Precinct17-Oct-12
1219/41South Bullsbrook Industrial Precinct24-Oct-12
1211/41Maddington-Kenwick Strategic Employment Area - Precinct 18-Aug-12
1202/41Canning River Precinct25-May-12
1203/41Perth Waterfront6-Mar-12
Archived MRS amendments under Clause 27 of the Metropolitan Region Scheme
Amendment No.Amendment nameDate finalised
1338/27Lots 1, 2, 7, 12, 13, 36, 37 And 38 Caporn Street, WannerooFeb-17
1318/27North Stoneville Townsite8-Nov-16
1319/27Lot 19 Sixty Eight Road, Baldivis8-Nov-16
1316/27Bennett Springs North West23-Sep-16
1317/27South Baldivis High School Site23-Sep-16
1314/27Pt Lot 20 Sixty Eight Road, Baldivis16-Aug-16
1305/27Bennett Springs East1-Dec-15
1307/27Gidgegannup Urban Precinct17-Nov-15
1299/27Perry Lakes Stadium Site21-Jul-15
1294/27Pt Lots 510, 515 and 516 Sabrina, Baldivis and Bodman Roads, Baldivis21-Apr-15
1295/27South Fremantle Power Station21-Apr-15
1296/27Wellard Urban Precinct (East)21-Apr-15
1261/27Lots 459-461, Pt Lots 462 and 463 Baldivis Road and portion of Pug Road, Baldivis19-Dec-14
1281/27Southern River Precinct 3A (North)9-Dec-14
1279/27Portion of the Upper Swan Urban Precinct21-Nov-14
1259/27Lot 295 Baldivis Road and Portion of Baldivis Road10-Jun-14
1272/27Anketell Road Corridor, Anketell/Wandi27-May-14
1273/27Various Lots Bounded by Kwinana Freeway, Mundijong Road and Baldivis Road north of Lot 1000 Baldivis Road, Baldivis13-May-14
1260/27Portion of Mandogalup Urban Deferred Cell18-Mar-14
1268/27Key Close and Lots 3, 10, 545, 921, 922 and 746-750 Baldivis Road, Baldivis18-Mar-14
1269/27Pt Lot 1 Armadale Road, Banjup18-Mar-14
1264/27Lots 4 and 702 Gnangara Road, Pt Lot 1187 Priest Road, a Portion of Unconstructed Road Reserve and Pt Pollino Gardens, Landsdale21-Feb-14
1265/27Lot 603 Toreopango Avenue, Yanchep21-Feb-14
1262/27Lots 635, 739 and 740 Baldivis Road and portion of Baldivis Road, Baldivis27-Dec-13
1258/27Portion of Lot 294 Kerosene Lane and Lot 1210 Baldivis Road, Baldivis6-Dec-13
1250/27Lots 21, 569 and 1263 Sixty Eight and Baldivis Roads and portion of Baldivis Road, Baldivis18-Oct-13
1257/27Casuarina Cell18-Oct-13
1246/27Lots 17, 18, 19 & 50 Vincent Road, Sinagra8-Feb-13
1243/27Lots 3, 805 and 806 Mandurah Road, Karnup20-Nov-12
1238/27Drovers Place Precinct2-Nov-12
1237/27Portion of Lot 9504 Marmion Ave, Tamala Park21-Sep-12
1229/27Portion of East Baldivis Cell13-Mar-12
1230/27Portion of Branch Circus Structure Plan Area13-Mar-12
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