GBRS Minor amendment 0053/57 - Omnibus No 5 - Anomalies amendment

The Minister for Planning has approved, as advertised, the abovementioned amendment to the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme.

The amendment is shown on Western Australian Planning Commission plan numbers 3.2718, 3.2719, 3.2720, 3.2721 and is effective from the date of publication of this notice in the Government Gazette.

The purpose of this amendment proposal is to update various zones and reservations in the GBRS locality in relation to government and landowner proposals, rationalization of zoning and reservation anomalies to match cadastral boundaries

Subject to the Minister granting final approval to this amendment, amend the Shire of Dardanup Local Planning Scheme No 3, by transferring the land below subject of this amendment from “Regional Open Space” Reserve to “Development” Zone pursuant to section 126(3) of the Planning and Development Act, 2005;

  • Part public road and Part Lot 2010 (R52264) Hazelgrove Crescent, Millbridge;
  • Part Lot 2010 (R52264) Hazelgrove Crescent, Part Lot 1154 Part Lot 1155 Part Lot 1156 Primrose Vista, Millbridge;
  • Part public road, Part Lot 1565 and Part Lot 1063 Primrose Vista and Part Lot 1060 and Part Lot 1060 Beaufort Loop, Millbridge;
  • Part public road Beaufort Loop, Millbridge; and
  • Part Lot 9535 Hatfield Way, Millbridge.

Copies of the report on submissions on the amendment are available online above and for public inspection from Friday 17 July 2020 to Friday 31 July 2020 at the following locations:

  • Western Australian Planning Commission, Level 2,140 William Street, Perth
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Level 6, 61 Victoria Street, Bunbury
  • State Library of WA, Perth Cultural Centre
  • Municipal office of the City of Bunbury, Shire of Dardanup and the Shire of Harvey.


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