Anketell Strategic Industrial Area Improvement Scheme No. 1

The Anketell Strategic Industrial Area (Anketell SIA) covers an area of approximately 4,400 hectares within the City of Karratha, and is situated approximately 5 kilometres west of Wickham and 9 kilometres north-west of Roebourne.

The statutory land use planning framework for the Anketell SIA is provided by:

  • Improvement Plan No. 42: Anketell Strategic Industrial Area
  • Anketell Strategic Industrial Area Improvement Scheme No. 1

Improvement Plan No. 42: Anketell Strategic Industrial Area authorised the making of Anketell Strategic Industrial Area Improvement Scheme No. 1 (the Scheme), which was gazetted on 07 November 2017. The scheme is now operational and replaces the City of Karratha’s Town Planning Scheme No. 8 as the land use planning instrument for the area.

The aims of this Scheme are to:

  • establish industrial development areas that enables the establishment of resource processing industries and associated supporting activity.
  • provide industrial development areas that:
    • are ready for subdivision and development.
    • are sufficiently flexible to accommodate the varying needs of future proponents.
    • achieve beneficial economic, environmental and community outcomes by encouraging synergic interactions between business activities consistent with the principles of industrial ecology.
    • are protected from the encroachment of incompatible uses.
    • incorporate environmental management arrangements that minimise impact on the natural environment.
    • respect sites of heritage significance.
  • provide that the planning, development and use of land the subject of the Iron Ore (Robe River) Agreement as ratified by the Iron Ore (Robe River) Act 1964 (as that agreement may by varied from time to time) is in accordance with and as contemplated by or under that agreement.


The finalisation of the scheme means that the Western Australian Planning Commission is now the responsible authority for the assessment of development applications.

The scheme text, including the Guide Plan (Appendix 1), sets out:

the planning framework for the estate;

  • zones and use of land
  • general development requirements
  • requirement for development approval
  • applications for development approval
  • procedure for dealing with applications for development approval
  • bushfire risk management
  • enforcement and administration.

Lodging an application for development approval

The Lodging an application for development approval page contains the application form, information and tools required to guide you through making an application online.

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