Gascoyne region WAPC publications

WAPC documents relevant to planning for the Gascoyne.

Exmouth-Learmonth (North West Cape) Structure Plan

The structure plan provides a vision for the direction of the growth of Exmouth and the North West Cape over a 30-year planning horizon.

The structure plan will provide a framework for future development of the town and study area, while addressing sensitive land use matters. It will provide a comprehensive guide for government departments, developers and the community for land use decisions. Implementation of the plan will be largely through the Shire of Exmouth town planning scheme. 

Gascoyne Regional Infrastructure Priorities 2011 Workshop Paper

The Gascoyne’s regional infrastructure requirements have been considered and prioritised through a process involving consultation with relevant State Government agencies and other regional stakeholders.

The need for this was identified through the preparation of the draft Gascoyne Regional Planning and Infrastructure Framework.
This paper outlines the proceedings and consolidates the outcomes of the Gascoyne Regional Infrastructure Priorities Workshop held on Wednesday 30 November 2011 at the department.

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