Regulation 10

If you wish to undertake any of the activities within a Protected Area or Aboriginal site which are prohibited under Regulation 10 of the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 1974, you may apply in writing to the Registrar of Aboriginal Sites (Registrar) requesting that consent be issued.

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On any land to which these regulations apply, a person shall not, without the written consent of the Minister or the Registrar or a person authorised in writing by the Minister or the Registrar:

(a) alter, damage, or destroy any notice, boundary, fence, shelter, grille, cutting, drain, protective work or other thing which the Registrar or any officer of the Department has, or has caused to be, erected, constructed, made or placed thereon or therein;

(b) dig any hole or otherwise disturb the surface of the ground, or remove or disturb any stone, soil, sand, rock or gravel, or any other natural object;

(c) cut, pick, pull, break, remove, take, injure, poison, strip or destroy any tree, shrub, herb, grass or other plant or part thereof whether living or dead;

(d) post, stick, stamp, stencil, paint, draw or otherwise affix or make any mark, symbol, lettering, notice, advertisement poster, sign or document of any description;

(e) except in a place approved or provided for the purpose —

(i) drive, tow, operate or park any vehicle;

(ii) camp, erect tents or shelters, light fires or make fireplaces;

(iii) deposit or leave any refuse, rubbish or litter; or

(iv) take, ride or drive, graze or agist any horse, cattle, sheep, goat, camel, donkey or pig, or allow any such animal to remain;

(f) sell any food, beverage or other article;

(g) unlock, unfasten or leave open any gate unless duly authorised to do so; or

(h) except with the prior written approval of the Minister, or the Registrar, and in accordance with such requirements as he may impose, take any photograph or make any recording for the purpose of commercial reproduction or publication.

Page last reviewed 22 November 2018
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