Complaint registration form

Please complete the below form to lodge a complaint registration.

GPS coordinates, property name or address and landowner, distance from nearest road or town.
Attach a mud map or other map if possible.
Has an Aboriginal site been excavated, destroyed, damaged, concealed or altered?:

Has an object on, or under, an Aboriginal site been altered, damaged, removed, destroyed, concealed or dealt with in a manner not sanctioned by relevant custom? :

The incident site or place must be an Aboriginal site(s), meeting the criteria of section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. Please refer to Appendix Section 5 for information.
Is the Complainant prepared to make a Statement giving details of the incident?:

Is the place still under threat from further damage?:

E.g. licence plate numbers, type of vehicle/s, names of companies and/or logos, description of people.
Page last reviewed 9 September 2019
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