Place files

Digital information is provided in both spatial and textual form. Spatial information is available in a number of formats.

The department stores the location and extent of Aboriginal Places in an ESRI ArcSDE feature class, and Place information is recorded as attributes.

ArcGIS File Geodatabase Feature Class

An ArcGIS File Geodatabase is available within a zip file, a place feature class is stored within the file Geodatabase and is equivalent to the ESRI ArcSDE feature class source format. In order to access the dataset the file Geodatabase must be extracted from the zip file first.



A Shapefile is created by exporting from the ArcSDE feature class, and is made available with a zip file. In order to access the dataset all files must be extracted from the zip file first.


MapInfo files

MapInfo MID and MIF files are created from the ArcSDE feature class, and are made available within a zip file. In order to access the dataset all files must be extracted from the zip file first.



Place information from the Aboriginal Places Register is included in the ArcGIS File Geodatabase, shapefile and MapInfo file. Place attribute information is also provided in a flat ASCII text file, in comma-delimited format.

  • - Place attribute information. Definitions are provided below.

Place attribute definitions

Place_IDAboriginal Place Identifier (mandatory)
Place_NameName of Aboriginal Place (not mandatory)
Legacy_IDOld Aboriginal Place Number (not mandatory)
StatusLodged, Registered Site, Stored Data / Not a Site
 Status_Reasone.g. Exclusion - Relates to a portion of an Aboriginal site or heritage place as assessed by the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC). e.g. such as the land subject to a section 18 notice
Origin_Place_IDUsed in conjunction with Status Reason to indicate which Registered Site this Place originates from
TypeA list of one or more of the following types: Artefacts / Scatter, Ceremonial, Engraving, Fish Trap, Grinding Patches / Grooves, Historical, Man-Made Structure, Midden / Scatter, Modified Tree, Mythological, Painting, Quarry, Repository / Cache, Rockshelter, Skeletal Material / Burial, Arch Deposit, Birth Place, BP Dating, Camp, Hunting Place, Massacre, Meeting Place, Mission, Named Place, Natural Feature, Ochre, Plant Resource, Shell, Water Source, Other
RegionIndicative regional location of Place
RestrictionsFemale Access only Initiated Female Access only Male Access only Initiated Male Access only No Gender Restrictions Other Restrictions
File RestrictedYes / No (mandatory)
Location RestrictedYes / No (mandatory)
Boundary_ReliableYes/No (not mandatory)
Protected_AreaYes / No, Yes if Place is a protected area
Protected_Area_Gazetted_DateDate protected area was gazetted, blank if Place is not a protected area
National_Estate_AreaNational Estate Area Number, blank if Place is not a national estate area
Duplicate_IDContact DPLH for list of duplicate Place IDs
Boundary_Last_Update_DateDate locational information was last updated.

NOTE: As from Sunday 7th July 2002 the data supplied under the DPLH Digital Licence Agreement will contain all places determined by the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) to be 'Stored/Not a Site' places, in addition to Registered Sitesand places Lodged with the Registrar to be assessed as sites. Places assessed as 'Stored/Not a Site' have not, at the time of assessment, sufficiently met the criteria under Section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. These places are not deleted from the Register of Aboriginal Places, but are maintained for the possibility that new information may be presented about 'Stored/Not a Site' places and can be presented for re-assessment. Attribute data is included for each place denoting its status as 'Lodged', 'Registered Site', or 'Stored/Not a Site'.

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