Improvement plans and schemes

Improvement plans and schemes allow the State Government to become the planning authority for a particular area of land with the intention to advance its planning and development.

Improvement plans

Improvement plans are strategic instruments used to facilitate the development of land in areas identified by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) as requiring special planning.  The WAPC can recommend to the Minister for Planning that an improvement plan is made “for the purpose of advancing the planning, development and use” of land.

An improvement plan that authorises the making of an improvement scheme must set out the objectives of the scheme.

Active improvement plans

14Kwinana-East Rockingham industrial areaMar 1988
26Port CoogeeDec 2004
27EllenbrookMar 1995
28Northbridge urban renewal strategy areaApr 1996
29HuntingdaleJuly 1996
31Wattleup and Hope Valley townsitesJun 1999
33Cockburn Coast PrecinctJun 2006
35Perth WaterfrontNov 2010
36Stirling City Centre (amended)Aug 2013
37Browse Liquefied Natural Gas Precinct (Regional IP1)Jan 2013
39Lissiman Street PrecinctOct 2014
40Middleton Beach Activity Centre (Regional IP2)Oct 2014
41Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area (Regional IP3)Mar 2015
42Anketell Strategic Industrial Area (Regional IP4)Jun 2016
43Shenton Park Rehabilitation HospitalJul 2015
44Maitland Strategic Industrial AreaJun 2016
47MandogalupApr 2019
50Port Hedland West EndJul 2019
51Ocean Reef MarinaDec 2019
52West EllenbrookOct 2019
55Bennett Springs EastDec 2020

Improvement schemes

Improvement schemes are similar instruments to local planning schemes (LPS). They contain development control provisions regarding the scheme area and are prepared in the same manner as an LPS but do not need to comply with the MST.

The Minister considers an improvement scheme and can either approve or refuse a proposal, or direct the WAPC to make modifications before resubmitting a scheme for approval.

An improvement scheme comes into effect when it is published in the Gazette. An improvement scheme overrides the local planning scheme in the subject area.

These planning instruments are explained under Part 8 of the Planning and Development Act 2005.

Active improvement schemes

Ocean Reef Marina Improvement Scheme no.1Sep 2020
Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme no.1Sep 2020
Anketell Strategic Industrial AreaNov 2017
Shenton Park Hospital RedevelopmentJan 2017
Ashburton North Strategic Industrial AreaSep 2016
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