Improvement plans and schemes

Improvement plans and schemes allow the State Government to become the planning authority for a particular area of land with the intention to advance its planning and development.

Improvement plans are strategic instruments used to facilitate the development of land in areas identified by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) as requiring special planning.  The WAPC can recommend to the Minister for Planning that an improvement plan is made “for the purpose of advancing the planning, development and use” of land.

An improvement plan that authorises the making of an improvement scheme must set out the objectives of the scheme.

Improvement schemes are similar instruments to local planning schemes (LPS). They contain development control provisions regarding the scheme area and are prepared in the same manner as an LPS but do not need to comply with the MST.

The Minister considers an improvement scheme and can either approve or refuse a proposal, or direct the WAPC to make modifications before resubmitting a scheme for approval.

An improvement scheme comes into effect when it is published in the Gazette. An improvement scheme overrides the local planning scheme in the subject area.

These planning instruments are explained under Part 8 of the Planning and Development Act 2005.


Refer to the links below for more details on active improvement plans and schemes in the Perth metropolitan area and in the regions.

Page last reviewed 13 February 2019
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