Corporate Executive

Corporate Executive is the peak decision-making body for the Department.

Gail McGowan - Director General

Office of the Director General

  • Executive management
  • Ministerial services
  • Strategic planning projects
  • Development Assessment Panels

Kathlene Oliver - Assistant Director General

Business and Corporate Services

  • Business information services
  • People, capability and innovation
  • Financial services
  • Governance and compliance

Vaughan Davies - Assistant Director General

Heritage and Property Services

  • Heritage assessment and registration
  • Heritage development
  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Property
  • Fremantle Prison
  • Whiteman Park

David Saunders - Assistant Director General

Land Use Planning

  • Strategic planning
  • Planning assessment and decisions
  • Remote settlements
  • Planning administration, advice and assistance

Matt Darcey - Assistant Director General

Land Use Management

  • Remote pastoral and Aboriginal lands
  • Agreement implementation and land services
  • Case management and land divestment

Lorissa Kelly - Assistant Director General

Strategy and Engagement

  • Urban design and development
  • Policy
  • Data analytics
  • Legal services
  • Communications
  • Office of the Government Architect

Sue Burrows - Assistant Director General

Strategic Planning Projects

  • Perth and Peel@3.5million sub-regional planning frameworks
  • Strategic land use planning projects

Kathy Bonus - Chief Planning Advisor

  • Provides high-level planning advice
  • Leads critical planning and infrastructure projects

Tracey Ninyette - Director of Strategic Projects

  • Cross divisional strategic projects
  • Business improvement initiatives
  • Stakeholder engagement
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