Local limestone destined for Ocean Reef Marina breakwaters

Local limestone destined for Ocean Reef Marina breakwaters
Tuesday 3 March 2020

Up to 800,000 tonnes of limestone sourced from DevelopmentWA's limestone quarry at Neerabup will soon be transported to the Ocean Reef Marina site to create two huge breakwaters.

With construction starting this year, the new Ocean Reef Marina is set to become an iconic waterfront precinct, providing a capacity for 550 boat pens and more than 200 boat stackers, a wide range of public amenity and eventually more than 1,000 homes, apartments and single residential and mixed-use developments.

Two breakwaters, approximately two kilometres in total length and up to 18.5 metres from the bottom of the ocean floor, will require up to 800,000 tonnes of limestone, which will be protected by a granite outer armour.

To find the safest and most effective breakwater design, DevelopmentWA commissioned the largest scale model ever built at the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory testing facility in New South Wales.

The concrete base of the testing area was prepared from laser-cut templates to perfectly match the seabed at Ocean Reef - helping to ensure the model results are as accurate as possible.

Pending approvals, extraction of the limestone will also unlock up to 25 hectares of industrial land for future use at Meridian Park industrial estate, adjacent to the limestone quarry, delivering industrial land for an additional 550 ongoing local jobs.

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