State Government responds to short-stay accommodation inquiry

State Government responds to short-stay accommodation inquiry
Wednesday 12 February 2020

The State Government is adopting nearly all of the recommendations arising from the recent parliamentary inquiry into short-stay accommodation.

The whole-of-Government response to the 2019 Parliamentary Inquiry Levelling the Playing Field - Managing the impact of the rapid increase of Short-Term Rentals in Western Australia aims to introduce better management of the industry at a community level.

Led by Jessica Shaw MLA, the inquiry presented 10 recommendations to improve outdated and inconsistent policy governing short-term rentals, and create greater certainty for the tourism industry, accommodation providers and guests. 

The inquiry found that short-term rentals are a genuine income source for some people and are increasingly widely used by guests; however there was no regulation of the industry and numerous examples of adverse impacts on neighbours and local communities.

The State Government has adopted a whole-of-Government approach to respond to the recommendations, including investigating appropriate regulatory or legislative frameworks that can meet the needs of this rapidly changing sector.

A key recommendation is the adoption of a flexible, low cost and simple registration scheme for all short-term accommodation providers across the State.

Some of the actions to be undertaken include:

  • amending land use definitions to differentiate between hosted and un-hosted accommodation;
  • investigating the introduction deemed provisions into all planning schemes for hosted accommodation to be exempt from local government approval;
  • developing legislative or regulatory mechanisms to require the display of a valid registration number for short-term rentals advertised on online platforms;
  • updating strata title guidance to include powers and processes open to strata companies to manage short-term rentals; and
  • development of an education campaign to ensure owners, property managers and purchasers are aware of their obligations regarding short-term rental properties.

An interagency working group has now been established and the State Government is committed to working with local governments and accommodation providers to ensure that all short-term rental properties are registered and display a valid registration number.

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