New laws set future development plans for iconic Swan Valley region

New laws set future development plans for iconic Swan Valley region
Wednesday 19 August 2020

Swan Valley Planning Bill 2020 introduced to replace old Act and set new planning scheme.

New laws introduced into State Parliament today aim to protect the Swan Valley's unique character by providing clear planning guidance and outlining appropriate scales of tourism and development.

The new Swan Valley Planning Bill 2020 delivers on a key McGowan Government election commitment to undertake a planning review and protect the unique character of the area.

The legislation is built off the recommendations of the Swan Valley Action Plan and the Kobelke Report - with feedback from more than 700 local residents and businesses on preferred land uses, future tourism and development opportunities.

It establishes a single planning authority, streamlines planning processes to cut red tape, introduces a new planning scheme for the Swan Valley and sets preferred development types.

Development within the region is currently subject to three different planning regimes which often create tension and difficulty in achieving consensus on development proposals.

Replacing the outdated Swan Valley Planning Act 1995, the Bill proposes a new Swan Valley Statutory Planning Committee as a statutory body to provide oversight for all planning and development.

A Swan Valley Strategic Leadership Group will also be created to provide an advisory role to Government across a broad range of matters including tourism, environment and planning.

A new bespoke planning scheme will come into effect later this year, replacing the existing dual scheme system - the City of Swan Local Planning Scheme No. 17 and the Metropolitan Region Scheme. 

The Swan Valley is home to more than 7,000 residents and attracts over two million visitors annually seeking to explore its many wineries, recreational activities and tourist attractions.

For more information on the Swan Valley Action Plan and Kobelke Report, visit

Read the full media statement: New laws set future development plans for iconic Swan Valley region

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