The urban growth of Perth and Peel - visual story

The urban growth of Perth and Peel - visual story
Monday 11 March 2019

View WAPC’s first visual story and learn more about the Urban Growth Monitor

Well-told visual stories with interesting images engage the viewer and enhance the ability to process information. 

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is proud to present its first ever visual story on a unique model - the Urban Growth Monitor (UGM).

The UGM reports on several key stages of the land supply process within the Perth Metropolitan, Peel and Greater Bunbury regions. The primary focus being the availability of land zoned for urban development. 

The UGM visual story provides an introduction to urban growth monitoring by exploring the changes in urban land supply over time for a few significant localities in Perth and Peel, including Banksia Grove and Byford.

View the Urban Growth of Perth and Peel - visual story and let us know what you think by providing your feedback to

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