State Design Review Panel - project review request form

Please complete the below form to lodge a design review request.

Contact details

Project details

Has/will the project be reviewed by the local government’s Design Review Panel (where applicable)?:


Please attach 3-5 project drawings that best illustrate the proposal (i.e. context plan, masterplan, sections, image/render, site plan, floor plans, elevations).  If you file exceeds 20MB, please contact to arrange large file transfer.

Submission timeframes

You will be redirected to an acknowledgement receipt once this form has been submitted. Please allow a minimum of 15 working days for design review to be programmed.

Please note, the information provided in this form will be kept confidential. Should you have any queries, please contact Barbara Gdowski, Manager State Design Review Panel, on (08) 6551 9748 or

Page last reviewed 6 June 2019
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